Solutions for Managed Services and Staffing

Specializing in Prototyping and Cutting Edge Model Shops

By focusing on the success of our employees we are able to consistently provide our clients with the most talented and qualified resources available. We are disrupting the industry with our business model of financial transparency, defining a new paradigm where both our candidates and clients know where every dollar is going. See for yourself using our rate calculator.

Our Expertise

Quala can provide both mechanical and electrical engineering expertise. Finding top engineers is what we do, so you can relax knowing the best people are leading the way in mechanical testing and metrology.

Quala is prepared to source, staff, and maintain all major skill setts generally associated with consumer electronics design and production from procurement to testing. We'll help find your next lab tech, CNC specialist, or CAD expert.

Whether as part of an existing team or project based, Quala understands the baseline need to have strong leadership on site. We provide Service Coordinators for our Managed Service teams and can help source individuals as well.

Quala Service Models

Managed Services

Quala can assemble a full team for your prototyping and engineering needs. Our services are proven to save you time and money while delivering quick turnaround at the height of innovation.

Staffing and Consulting

Quala can also help find that highly skilled individual to round out your current team’s needs. From Lab Techs to Project Managers, we’ll find the best person.