Teams or Individuals: Always the Best People

With decades of experience, Quala can help you source top talent to provide task-oriented on-site teams, augment your in-house skill sets, or accommodate special contracting needs.  

Managed Services

Quala is an industry leader in creating, staffing, and managing on-site teams to support your continuous innovation. We are accustomed to integrating with your existing teams to ensure company culture and workflow continuity. A Quala Managed Services team can support your rapid prototyping and business technology efforts at a substantial cost savings over other managed services models. Download our whitepaper to see how one of our clients saved over a half-million dollars.

Managed Services White Paper

Consulting and Staffing

While we specialize in prototyping and business technology, Quala excels in placing top-tier candidates across industries. Drawing from a network built over two decades and leveraging modern software, we quickly and efficiently connect you with people you want to hire. Below are sample segments where we currently work. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask. With decades of experience in consulting and staffing, our network is broad.



From mechanical and electrical engineers to rapid prototyping and technical documentation experts, we deliver top-notch talent with in-depth knowledge of your industry and project type.

Project Management

Every project needs oversight. Our project managers bring a depth of experience that helps you avoid delays and pitfalls, keeping your project on time and on budget.

Labs and Workshops

These sites require select skills, often in very specialized areas. We will help you find people with the niche knowledge required to research and transform your ideas into reality.

Consumer Electronics and Firmware

From full-stack developers to technical testers, we provide the expertise you need to deliver decision-supporting proofs of concept, prototypes, and software that support your business.