Candidates Deserve Full Support

Know Exactly Where the Money Goes

Quala relies on  transparency. We believe everyone who is a party to our agreements should know how compensation is calculated and where it’s going. Quala employees will always know the bill rate to the client as well as their own hourly rate.

A Complete Benefits Package

Quala proudly offers one of the best and most comprehensive employee benefits packages, not just in our industry but in our clients’ industries. Every employee that works at least 30 hours a week is eligible for benefits. We have selected top providers with extensive networks to cover you and your dependents. We encourage you to read more about our benefits or download our Benefits Summary Guide. 

Benefits Summary Guide

Comparing Offers

Not all offers are equal. That is why Quala wants to make sure you have all the information you need to make a fully informed decision. While competitors may be able to offer a higher bill rate, they might not balance their offer with all the benefits Quala provides–benefits that add up to hard-dollar savings.

Offer Comparison Guide