About Quala

Our History

Founded by Nathan Rodriguez in 2000, Quala proudly boasts over two decades of experience in the prototyping and model shop areas. In fact, Quala has only worked in the prototyping and model shop fields since its founding. Focusing uniquely on this area proves Quala’s unmatched expertise and trustworthiness. Under the leadership of Brad Coulter and Tim Rogers since 2017, Quala continues its tradition of staffing and managed service excellence into its third decade.

Our Values

Fun: Our team knows when to joke around and when to buckle down. We believe work can and should be enjoyable and part of this is having fun.

Appreciation: We value candor and directness, and we only say about fellow employees what we’ll say to their faces. We don’t micromanage; we trust each other. We admit our mistakes and give credit where credit is due.

Balance: We make appropriate time for work, friends, and family. We take care of ourselves physically and mentally, and we stay in the moment whether we’re at home, at work, and of course at play. We prioritize what can be done well now and what can be improved later.

Impact: We pride ourselves on producing large amounts of useful work in a short time. Our teammates know they can rely on us. We exhibit bias-to-action and we focus on results rather than on process. We’re not impressed with how many hours you worked this week; we only want to know what you got done.

Passion: We inspire each other to think bigger, work smarter, and be excellent at our jobs. First, we want to see each other succeed. Second, we want to see the company succeed. We believe the second is a symptom of the first. We celebrate wins and we bounce back quickly from setbacks.

Innovation: We challenge prevailing ideas and assumptions when warranted and we offer alternatives. We bring new and useful ideas to the table. We work to minimize complexity and we make time to simplify.

Our Leadership

Co-Founder and President

Brad is an entrepreneur with expertise in strategic planning, executive alignment, rapid growth, team building, and mindfulness.

Prior to starting Concordis, Brad co-founded Wimmer Solutions, a technical staffing and consulting firm, in 2002. He took a step away from the staffing and consulting industry to run a consumer Internet startup in 2010.

This time away helped open Brad’s eyes to the power and importance of transparency and authenticity. This led to the core tenets of Concordis: financial transparency and a focus on taking care of people, candidates and clients alike. Since its founding, Concordis has gone on to provide managed services, consulting, and staffing for some of the largest companies in the world.

Brad graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Finance and spent his early career as an investment specialist on an active trader team during the ’90s stock market runup and eventual collapse, then as a forensic accountant. He also played on the University’s Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse team. 

 Co-Founder and Director of Recruiting 

Originally from Seattle, Tim has nearly two decades of experience in the staffing industry. He has worked with multiple Washington-based startups, including Redmond Technology Partners and Jobster, and led Recruiting and Sales teams for Wimmer Solutions. 

Prior to that, Tim worked on the operations side, managing staff for basketball events in 25 European countries before joining the National Basketball Association as an Operations Manager.

Tim’s worldwide network of contacts is integral to Concordis’ ability to locate and place people who are an asset to clients, both in terms of skill set and culture. He promotes Concordis’ commitment to transparency, creating strong relationships between candidates and clients so everyone succeeds. 

Tim attended Western Washington University and coaches youth Lacrosse teams in the Seattle area. 

Human Resources, SHRM-CP

Kristyn helped to create the Concordis Human Resources department from the ground up, tirelessly researching and negotiating with benefits providers to build Concordis’ industry-leading package.  She routinely runs employee salary and benefits comparisons to make sure Concordis continues to offer the competitive edge in order to attract and retain the most talented people in the consulting world.

Kristyn has spearheaded policy-making for employment, conduct, and intellectual property, adeptly translating Concordis’ values into handbooks that clearly communicate what the company stands for. She thrives working in the fast-paced environment that is daily life at Concordis, assessing candidates for cultural and technical fit, onboarding them, providing training, and building strong relationships with the Concordis team.

Kristyn graduated magna cum laude from Seattle University with a BA in Finance, Management, and Entrepreneurship.